​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brewing Summit Collaboration Beer​​

In theme with the meeting's focus on Brewing a Sustainable Future, the Brewing Summit Collaboration Beer was created with sustainability at its core. Thanks to our sponsors, BSG, Hopsteiner and White Labs, as well as our partner Canimal, this beer was produced by Ragged Island Brewing Co. in partnership with the Rhode Island Brewers Guild using sustainab​le​​ ingredients and packaging. Learn ​more about the contributions that each sponsor and partner made to this project below and be sure to grab yours when you arrive at Brewing Summit - we can't wait to share this special brew with you!


To make this beer collaboration possible, our sponsors supported the meeting and donated sustainable hops, malt, and yeast. Here's what you'll find in this brew:

Rahr Dextrin Malt
to boost mouthfeel and show off a mousselike foam

Rahr North Star PilsTM
a base malt to set your compass by - perfect for a domestic pilsner (low color and modification)

Rahr White Wheat
a pale white wheat that's rich in protein, giving you a full-bodied beer

Hopsteiner Akoya Hops
a noble type hop variety with aromas that include: tea, spicy, green fruit and pepper

Hopsteiner Contessa Hops
a hop variety that replaces German Perle with aromas that include: green tea, floral and light pear

White Labs German Lager Yeast
Clean lager strain producing a crisp, dry finish that allows malt and hop character to shine​


Canimal provided their infamous ZombieCans for Ragged Island Brewing Co. and the Rhode Island Brewers Guild to brew and can this beer up for us. Canimal finds clean, unused pre-consumer cans that can't be used because of misprints, obsolete graphics or overruns, and permanently conceals the old graphic with a new one! With their process, Canimal saves millions of cans from unnecessary melting and reprocessing. Learn more about Canimal at www.canimal.com​ and be sure to visit Ragged Island Brewing Co. while you're in town. Thank you to the Rhode Island Brewers Guild for making this happen!